Camaro Superfest 2023
Eastern Michigan Camaro Club

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CAMARO SUPERFEST was started in 1992 as a joint effort of the newly formed Eastern Michigan Camaro Club (EMCC) and the Western Michigan Camaro Club (WMCC). The first event was held at Domino Farms in Ann Arbor, HQ for Domino's Pizza. We had a total attendance of 65 Camaros. The event was held at Domino Farms for another 10 years and it had grown to an attendance of near 200 Camaros!

In 2003, CAMARO SUPERFEST moved to Washtenaw Community College so we could have more room for more Camaros to attend! Attendance did increase... but then also decreased as the Camaro went out of production and the hobby interest waned a bit. We had a max attendance in the 300-400 range for those years! The college started to get pricey and in 2006 we moved to Riverside Park in Ypsilanti... and have never looked back!!

Riverside Park proved to be a great place for our event, as participants enjoyed the cool grass and shade. We had lots of room to grow too, as other car shows in the park had attendance of 500+, so we now had lots of room! It was a great 2 club effort, the only one of its kind in the USA and we're proud to have WMCC onboard for so many years! In 2008, the Western Michigan Camaro Club bowed out of helping to run CAMARO SUPERFEST and EMCC decided we would try to do it alone. Our event was down in size again, in the 200 range, but with the announcement of the new 5th gen Camaro, hobby interest began to grow again and so did CAMARO SUPERFEST! When the 2010 Camaro was in production, our event increased again in number and we were back in the 300-400 range in just a few years and increasing every year!

In 2017, CAMARO SUPERFEST held its 25th anniversary event... and we went BIG! We increased the show to a 4 day event with excellent activities of a trip to MIS, which saw a record 275 Camaros do laps. Plus we were the first group to tour the new Camaro assembly plant in Lansing, Michigan! We had a record 750 registrations with 650 Camaros from 15 states and Canada attending for the weekend! We also celebrated 4 participants that had been to ALL 25 of our events! WOW! CAMARO SUPERFEST also added a new "wrinkle" to our event... more charitable donations!

In 2020 and 2021, we were unable to have our usual in-person events due to COVID restrictions, but we held some very exciting virtual on-line car shows instead, complete with judging and awards! So we were able to keep our streak alive.

CAMARO SUPERFEST had always donated some profits to local and national charities, but now we were even more focused on making the charity aspect ever more important. From our start in 1992 through 2008 we raised and donated about $2500 every year. With our new directive, in 2009 we raised $5000! We have increased that every year and event, giving out a max of $17,000 in 2018. Charities are varied, a different one is selected each year. We have supported the Salvation Army, Lupus, MS, MiCops, Leader Dogs, Ronald McDonald House, American Cancer Assoc., Angela Hospice, the Miracle League of Plymouth, Stiggy's Dogs, The Fallen and Wounded Soldier's Fund, and many more.

In our 30 year history, we have donated over to $180,000 to various charities!!

CAMARO SUPERFEST is an event that is dedicated to giving ALL Camaro owners the best weekend they can have! We always do special activities on Friday, then show & shine on Saturday-Sunday. We give out the most awards with the most classes of any Camaro event. We are an event based on fun with our cars and families. We are open to ALL Camaros of any year, stock, slightly modified, or highly modified, driven or trailered... we want YOU and your Camaro to attend and have a great time with fellow Camaro owners. We take great pride in our tag line... CAMARO SUPERFEST 2022 the longest running, largest, most charitable and friendliest ALL CAMARO event in the USA!

We hope you will attend this year and many more!!