SHIPPING SCHEDULE: If you have orderd a T-Shirt, Dash Plaque, or Donation Plaque, or if you have won an award, you're probably wondering when we'll be shipping that to you.

Here is the latest update on when that will happen...

We had to wait until all the orders were received and all the judging was completed before we knew what quantities, sizes, etc we needed and could then place the order.

At this point, everything has been ordered. We are just waiting for our supplier to obtain the materials and start making the various items. The T-Shirts will be done first. The Plaques may take a bit longer. Our plan is to wait until we have everything in-hand before we start shipping as most of you are getting multiple items and we want to send you everything in one package.

If you want to know if you're getting an Award, please click on "Judging & Awards" below. The top three finishers in each catagory get a 9"x12" wooden Award Plaque, similar to what we have handed out in the past. If you voted for Carl Sigmon, the WOWWY Award winner, you will get a prize for helping Carl win that award. You know who you are. These WOWWY Voter prizes were mailed out on July 26th. You should have them by now.

Good news... we now have the T-shirts and plaques and we started mailing them out on August 19th. As of Monday August 30th everything will be mailed (US Post Office). We're told that Canadian deliveries may take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.

& Awards

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